For Providers

Become a tele or locum tenens provider and add more patients and flexibility to your schedule

Psychiatrists are in high demand, and locum tenens opportunities via telepsychiatry as well as in person makes it possible for you to meet that demand. Telepsychiatry can change the way you deliver care for patients with critical needs.


  • Access to plenty of job opportunities with health care institutions
  • Flexibility: set your own schedule by specifying the days and hours you want to work
  • Treat conditions in your area(s) of expertise
  • Lucrative hourly compensation
  • Can travel if interested and interact with a variety of people and patients
  • Flexible length of assignments
  • T-Psychiatry facilitates the credentialing process and licensing in new states, covers your malpractice insurance and other professional expenses, makes your travel and lodging arrangements (if applicable) and pays for them

Advantages of telepsychiatry for providers:

  • See more patients by widening the geographical area you can serve
  • Deal with patients in all types of settings (outpatient, inpatient, nursing homes, etc.)
  • Conduct evaluations online in a virtual office environment
  • Minimal requirements to get started (license to practice, high-speed internet connection, and video conferencing software)

T-Psychiatry wants to be your locum tenens partner.

If you are a licensed psychiatrist and want to work from home, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about the benefits of locum services and telepsychiatry. Not only can you increase your patient volume, but you can deliver care to patients who may not have access to treatment otherwise.

T-Psychiatry contracts with hospitals, community clinics, and other health care institutions nationwide. Current opportunities are posted below. Please inquire for more details.

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